How to make isometric dimension and text in AutoCAD

In the previous article I have described how to make isometric drawing in AutoCAD, in this article I will tell you about entering isometric dimension and text in an isometric drawing. For explaining this feature I will use a simple isometric cube as shown in image below.

making isometric text and dimension in autocad (2)

Making isometric dimensions:

Make aligned dimensions A, B and C on the geometry as shown in drawing ‘A’ above using DIMALIGNED command.

Now type DIMEDIT on command line and press enter, you will see many options on command line select oblique from command line.

dimedit isometric

Now click on dimension marked A from drawing shown above and press enter. Command line will prompt you to select an angle to align this dimension type 30 and press enter. Your dimension will now align with the geometry to make it look like isometric.

For dimensions B and C you can use the same method with oblique angle of 30 and -30 respectively. Your final drawing will look like this after using DIMEDIT on all three dimension.isometric drawing with dimensins

Making isometric dimension text:

The dimensions now look correct but when you look closely at dimension text they are still not properly aligned as per drawing. You need to make manipulations to dimension text also in order to make complete dimension look like isometric.

Type DIMTEDIT on command line and press enter now click on dimension which you want to edit, I am selecting dimension C for this case.

When you click on dimension C you will see this message on command line

idomtric dimensios

Select angle and type an angle of 30 degrees then press enter. The dimension will now align with the dimension line making it look like isometric. For dimension B and A use an angle of -30 and 30 degrees respectively in DIMTEDIT command.

Making isometric text:

To make isometric text I will use single line text on the drawing. Type TEXT on command line and press enter to start single line text.

Now click on face of cube facing dimension C and give a text height of 1 unit and rotation angle of 30 degrees by following command prompts and type any sample text I used “text” as my sample text.oblique angle in isometric text

Repeat the process for making a single line text on face of cube facing dimension B as well, but in this case change angle of text to -30 degrees keeping all other parameters unchanged.

Now select text on face of dimension C then right click and select properties. From properties palette locate text panel and change value of obliquing to 30.

Repeat the process for text on cube facing dimension B but in this case change oblique angle to -30. Your drawing will now look like a complete isometric drawing as shown in image B above.

You can watch this video also for this tip

Do you have any questions related to isometric text and dimensions? Let me know in comments below.


  1. thank you, it is very helpful.
    i want to ask something. sometime, if i change the angle to -30, the dimension is not change. i try to change it to 30 and then i must change it again to -90. Do you know the answer for my problem?

  2. You can make the dimensions look more aligned by entering the DDEDIT, this brings you into the Multitext editor and then by highlighting the dimension text and clicking the arrow that pulls down the formatting options, choosing the Oblique Angle, one can change the angle to 30 or -30 as needed. Be sure to have the dimension text highlighted as it will only effect text that is.

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