How to make 2D isometric drawing in AutoCAD

Isometric drawings are not actual 3D drawings but they are made to appear like one. Isometric drawing in AutoCAD can be made by tilting viewing angle to 30 degrees for all of its sides in 2D plane.

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In this article I will show you methods of making an isometric drawing in AutoCAD, for explaining this feature I will use this geometry shown on right.

At first you need to change your snap settings to isometric, for that type DS on command line and press enter.

Drafting settings window will pop up from this window select snap and grid tab and make sure isometric snap radio button is turned on. Click OK to exit drafting settings window.

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Now make sure ortho mode is turned on from status toggle, if it is not turned on then press F8 to turn it on.

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You can now select isometric plane for starting your drawing by pressing F5 key, the three isoplanes available for selection are isoplane top, right and left.

Press F5 key to turn on isoplane top and then select line command and click anywhere in drawing area to start your line. Specify a direction and type 5 on command line then press enter, repeat this process by changing directions of line to make a closed square as shown in image A below.

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Now press F5 again to change isoplane to right or left, now start line command again and make lines from three corners of square of length 5 units towards downward direction as shown in image B above.

Now again change isoplane to top by pressing F5 key and join all three end points of the vertical lines to make a complete cube. In a similar way you can make other isometric drawings as well.

Making isometric drawing in AutoCAD 2015-16:

With AutoCAD 2015 and 2016 this process of creating isometric drawing is made very easy, you can directly start isometric drawing using ISODRAFT option on status toggle.

How to make isometric drawing in autocad 4

Click on ISODRAFT icon on the status toggle as shown in the image above and select plane on which you want to create your drawing by pressing F5 key. Rest of the process is same as mentioned above.

In next article, I will tell you about creating isometric dimensions and text. Meanwhile, you can watch this video of isometric drawing also if you don’t want to read this article.

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