Making 3D wall using 2D polyline

While making a floor plan you don’t need to make walls with parallel lines and then fill the area with hatch. You can directly add thickness to a Polyline and even height which will make it look like a 3d solid object.

You can’t apply 3D manipulations like Boolean operations or modify commands in this 3D looking Polyline but you can definitely use it at places where solid looking wall is needed. To explain this feature I will use the 2D Polyline geometry shown below.

making 3d wall with 2d polyline 1

Double click on the Polyline to activate Polyline edit command or type PEDIT on command line press enter then select the Polyline to activate Polyline edit command. Once the command is active you will see this prompt on command line

Making 3d wall with 2d polyline 2

Select width from command line and enter a width which you want to assign to Polyline I am using a width of 0.5′ for this example then press enter, press enter again to exit the command. Now select Polyline again and right click a contextual menu will appear select properties from this menu.

From this properties palette under general panel locate thickness value and change this value to the height which you want to assign to your Polyline for this case I am using a thickness of 2’.

Your polyline will now look like a 3D entity as shown in image below but when you hover your cursor over wall it will still show it as a polyline.

making 3d wall with 2d polyline 3

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