Mapping Logo in AutoCAD 3D using texture Map

AutoCAD has an extensive library of materials for rendering but you can also create custom materials in AutoCAD according to the specific requirement of the project. The materials created can have a variety of properties like surface texture, glossiness, transparency or even luminosity. Using these custom materials you can also imprint a logo on the object.

In this article, I will explain methods of creating a material with a texture map and placing it on different 3D solid objects creating an effect of imprinted logo. For explaining the steps I will use a cuboid and a sphere with transparent AutoCAD logo.

Creating material with texture map:

Type MAT on the command line to open materials browser palette, alternatively you can also click on Materials Browser icon on Materials panel of Visualize tab in the 3D modeling workspace of AutoCAD.


From this palette select the default Global material then right click and select Duplicate from the contextual menu. Double-click on the newly created material, this will open Materials Editor palette. Give this material a name for my example, I am naming it as Logo material.

Now expand the generic tab if it is not already expanded and click on image box, select the image which you want to use for the logo and click on Open button. For this example, I am using AutoCAD logo with background transparency in PNG format.

AutoCAD logo in PNG format

Double click on image box again this time, Texture Editor Palette will open. Expand the Scale tab and change size in horizontal and vertical scale to the size of the logo which you want to see on the object. I have selected a scale of 5 units for both directions. Also, make sure that None is selected in the horizontal and vertical dropdown of Repeat tab.

For best effect use a PNG image with background transparency. After creating the custom Logo material close Material editor palette.

Applying material to object:

To apply the newly created Logo material simply drag and drop it from materials browser to the object in the drawing area. Also, make sure that visual style is selected as realistic to see the real-time effect of the material on the objects. In the first instance, the logo might appear much distorted but you can properly align it using material mapping feature, let’s start with cuboid.

Click on Box option from material mapping flyout of Materials panel on Visualize tab. Now select the cuboid from drawing area and press enter. You will notice multiple arrow type grips in different directions along the box as shown in the image below. Click on the grips and drag them in respective direction to properly place the logo.


Once you have placed the object properly press enter again to exit material mapping command. Similarly, repeat the process for a spherical object, it is not mandatory to use spherical material mapping option for spherical and other similar geometries.

You can create different effects by choosing heterogeneous material mapping options on geometries. As an example, I have used box material mapping option on a spherical object shown below.



The use of texture map is not limited to creating logo effect on objects it can be used to apply images on different surfaces and solids and material mapping is used to properly place it on the object. You can also change other properties of the material along with the image to get desired results.


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