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Learning the simple tools and commands of AutoCAD is simply not enough and you need a lot of practice to actually get a “hang” of the software. The best way to practice is with sample 2D and 3D exercises and practice drawings.

This article contains ten 2D and ten 3D practice drawings from our popular CAD exercises eBook. You can get all the drawings for practice simply by downloading the eBook using the subscription box above.

The drawings are fully annotated and dimensions are added as well. More drawings are constantly added to this eBook so keep an eye here for an updated version of the eBook.

All the drawings on this page and in the eBook are explained with video tutorials in this course.

AutoCAD Practice drawing course

2D Drawings

2D Drawing 1

2D Drawing 2

2D Drawing 3

2D Drawing 4

2D Drawing 5

2D Drawing 6

2D Drawing 7

2D Drawing 8

2D Drawing 9

2D Drawing 10

3D Drawings

3D Drawing 1

3D Drawing 2

3D Drawing 3

3D Drawing 4

3D Drawing 5

3D Drawing 6

3D Drawing 7

3D Drawing 8

3D Drawing 9

3D Drawing 10

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