Free AutoCAD Tutorial

The free AutoCAD tutorial video series on SourceCAD will teach you all about AutoCAD 2D and 3D from basics to advance level.

You don’t need to signup or pay for these lessons and you can learn at your own pace.

Free AutoCAD Tutorial

Tutorial Highlights

  • More than 80 Video lessons and counting
  • Free downloads of lesson files for each section
  • Section wise self-assessment Quiz
  • Mobile access with free Android app
  • AutoCAD 2D and 3D exercise Drawings

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This course is made with AutoCAD 2016 but it is equally helpful for other versions of AutoCAD. You can download a free student version of AutoCAD here with a three-year educational license.

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AutoCAD 2D Tutorial

Part 1Introduction to AutoCADLesson files
1Introduction to AutoCAD03:50 min
2Ribbon, Workspace, Help and Command search03:58 min
3Specifying drawing units02:58 min
4Pan and Zoom tools02:55 min
QuizIntroduction to AutoCAD Quiz

Part 2Creating DrawingsLesson files
1Line command03:55 min
2Circle command03:41 min
3Rectangle Command02:57 min
4Polygon Command03:18 min
5Arc Command07:29 min
QuizCreating Drawing Quiz

Part 3Modifying and Manipulating DrawingsLesson files
1Making Selection Sets02:43 min
2Move and Copy commands02:40 min
3Rotate and Scale06:39 min
4Offset and Mirror Command03:51 min
5Trim and Extend Command05:18 min
6Fillet and Chamfer Commands07:59 min
7Rectangular Array03:48 min
8Polar Array04:09 min
QuizModifying and Manipulating Drawings Quiz

Part 4Drawing ToolsLesson files
1Understanding Co-Ordinate system06:14 min
2Polar and Ortho mode04:34 min
3Dynamic Input03:35 min
4Object Snap06:33 min
5Object Snap Tracking02:06 min
6Creating Hatches05:24 min
QuizDrawing Tools Quiz

Part 5Dimensioning and TextLesson files
1Creating Dimensions04:00 min
2Creating Dimension Style08:40 min
3Creating Multileader05:47 min
4Creating Text Style03:13 min
5Creating Single Line Text03:18 min
6Creating Multiline Text07:15 min
QuizDimensioning and Text Quiz

Part 6Managing Drawing with Layer, Block and X-RefLesson files
1Creating layers and assigning objects04:38 min
2Using Layer Property Manager10:09 min
3Editing Object Properties05:32 min
4Creating and Inserting Blocks05:58 min
5Attaching External References05:17 min
QuizManaging Drawing with Layer, Block and XRef Quiz

Part 7Preparing Layout and PlottingLesson files
1Preparing Layout and adding Title Block04:18 min
2Plotting Drawing06:54 min
QuizPreparing Layout and Plotting Quiz

Part 8Bonus Tutorials 2D 
1Creating isometric text and dimensioning06:57 min
2Dual dimensioning and tolerances07:37 min
3Making a custom arrow style in AutoCAD04:10 min
4How to repair corrupt AutoCAD drawings07:45 min
5How to convert unit of AutoCAD drawings04:53 min
6How to add custom fonts in AutoCAD and transfer them07:53 min
7Making a Door Dynamic Block in AutoCAD09:22 min

AutoCAD 3D Tutorial

Part 1Introduction to 3D solid modelingLesson files
1Understanding and navigating in 3D workspace4:20 min
2Using view control and view cube4:56 min
3Extrude command5:21 min
4Presspull command3:53 min
5Revolve command4:21 min
6Sweep command6:48 min
QuizIntroduction to AutoCAD 3D Quiz
Part 2Editing and visualizing solidsLesson files
1Boolean Operations2:33 min
2Fillet and chamfer edge6:45 min
3Extrude, Taper and Move Face3:59 min
43D array command5:25 min
5Understanding User co-ordinate system7:40 min
6Creating 2D layout views from 3D drawing5:29 min
QuizEditing and visualizing solids Quiz
Part 3Surface ModelingLesson files
1Making surface using extrude, revolve, sweep and loft3:31 min
2Patch and Fillet tool2:16 min
3Offset and surface blend tool3:58 min
QuizSurface Modeling Quiz
Part 4Rendering and presentationLesson files
1Applying materials to 3D solids8:08 min
2Placing cameras and making views6:26 min
3Adding interior lights and making quick rendering5:00 min
4Creating and saving renderings as image file6:27 min
5Making animated walk-through video8:04 min
QuizRendering and presentation Quiz
Part 5Bonus Tutorials 3D 
1Making tree with opacity map05:17 min
2Creating rendering in mechanical drawing14:29 min
32D and 3D align commands of AutoCAD05:14 min
4Making 3D realistic tree in AutoCAD with Opacity Map05:17 min
5Creating section planes in AutoCAD 3D09:15 min
6Making Isometric drawing08:05 min

2D and 3D practice drawings

Part 12D Practice drawings 
1Partial section view10:43 min
2Simple 2D drawing05:16 min
3Wrench in 2D04:27 min
Part 23D Practice drawings 
1Fan Blade08:08 min
23D Pipe Joint14:15 min
3Bolt with Diamond Knurling16:22 min
4Angular Joint16:07 min
5Oldham's Coupling17:29 min

Free Practice drawings

We have prepared a free course containing more than thirty 2D & 3D practice drawings and projects with dimensioned drawing PDF and DWG file, you can enroll in it here.

Premium courses

We have lots of other premium courses in our course library, explore all of our AutoCAD courses here.


  1. Thanks Sir for this amazing sessions ,
    i am facing problems in ” WALK and FLY” any help from your’s will surely make it easy .
    once again thanks for your time and effort

  2. Thanks for the great compilation of tutorials dedicated to AutoCAD. Do you have or maybe know any websites with ready-made small AutoCAD projects to download? I am interested in free real projects of devices. Regards

  3. I have used AutoCAD 2015. I have drawing anything but this only for XY plan. I have drawing 3D cube and drawing circle on cube face .? How to do

  4. hi, my name Samuel Emiliano from south Sudan I wanted to enroll for the course but I am facing problem in payment. is there a way that I can send the fee through western union

  5. I am enrolled for Dynamic block course, But unable to download it so that I can watch it when there is no net… plz help me

    1. The videos here are only excerpted from udemy course and most of the videos are from my YouTube channel. You can obviously enroll in the full course on udemy or on sourcecad course library.

  6. Dear Jaiprakash,Is there any quick tricks for 3d AutoCAD tutorials?? I want to learn them please help me.Harim OM!

  7. Great tutorials! I have one question though, what is the difference between scaling in Plot Scale and in a Viewport itself ? is it the same scaling function of the drawing but Plot Scale is more used when plotting from the Model Space? thanks!

  8. Hello, I’m looking for guidance on how to clip a drawing in the Layout view. This is the in-between step that is not shown in Part 7, Videos 1 & 2.

    1. As the videos here is an excerpt from full AutoCAD course which is available on SourceCAD library, there are some lessons which are missing in this list and they can be found in the full course.

  9. Hello Jai,
    i saw your website while study of my friend but i want learn auto cad for fire protection piping design on 2D so may you help me?

  10. Good tutorial to learn easily AutoCAD new version i thanks to who added this tutorial …………..

  11. Hi Prakash,

    need a support from you, we like to draw circle in different views.

    but once we change the view (from TOP to FRONT) we an able to see the line only. ie. circle drawn in TOP view only.

    kindly tell us how we an draw the circle in different view.

    need to freeze the XY axis in all the views.

    Thanks & Regards

        1. hi prakash,

          how to change the dimension color or format. kindly clarify this problem.

          thanks & regards

  12. Hello,

    Thank you for the wonderful tutorials. Really helpful.

    One doubt that I have is regarding certain video links missing from the list. For 3D tutorials in Module 1- Introduction, you mentioned about loft command at the end of sweep command video but the link to the same is not there. Again in Module 2, in creating 2d layouts from 3d drawings you mentioned another topic of adding section view and detailed view towards the end of the video but again the link was not there. Is there any way that you can include those missed out links as well.

    Once again thank you for the tutorial. They are simple, amazing and helps a lot.

    1. Thanks Anoop, the videos of this tutorial are taken from my paid course “the complete course of AutoCAD 2016” which is available on SourceCAD library and hence you have found references to some missing videos which are available in the full course. I have mentioned this in page footer as well but for your reference here is the course library.

  13. Thank you sir! Are you a teacher? You should be… Clearly, simple, with method covering almost all aspects of a very sophisticated graphic software like AutoCad. The best video tutorial for beginners. Thanks again….

  14. Sir can you tell me the difference between MEP and architecture? I’ve recently installed Autocad 2018 but most of my work will be architect( Floor Plan ) and electric routing stuff. Do I have to install Autocad Architecture version or can I access architecture and electrical features in 2018 normal version? I want to access architect and electrical libraries like furniture, door, cable tray etc. I’m really confused between these 3 version ( MEP , 2018 normal , Architect), please guide me. Thanks in advance.

  15. Im the beginner to autocad.This website is really helpful to improve my knowledge in it. Thanks a lot sir..
    But in the quiz section, after answering all the questions it shows only how many answers are correct but not which answer is wrong. How can I find it ?

  16. Hi

    Regarding a 3D practice drawing 1, on the second geometry you have taken a distance of 22. Can you explain that please.

    1. The total width of second geometry is 28 units as it is equal to the diameter of the larger circle which was made with the radius of 14 units. Now the distance between the center of the circle and leftmost part of geometry is 50 units as shown in the top view (see PDF drawing). So the resultant distance should be 50-28 or 22 units which will be the distance of geometry from the center.

  17. Hello, i must thank you for the wonderful job you are doing here. Please, i cannot not download the 3D modeling trutorial from sourcecad.teachable unlike the 2D tutorials i download without much hassle. what might have caused it

  18. In QUIZ 2(Creating Drawing Quiz) Shortcut Command for Polygon IS “POL”, but options mentioned in quiz are “P,PO,PLE,PL”

  19. This site is gold! Going to go through all your videos soon.
    Any recommendation for someone wanting to take the Cert. test? Im debating taking autocad 3D class to strengthen my skills/

  20. Excellent job. I just finished the first session and took the quiz. As a teacher I love this set up. Very structured and a good way to review what you have learned. Have you done any of these tutorials on other programs like Solidworks, Rivet, Inventor, etc. Thanks again!

      1. Sir there is a slight problem in quiz of part 2 i answered 6 correct leaving 2 blank options it is showing 7 are right so kindly please correct that one sir!!

  21. Hats off to you for providing such wonderful source for student community. I will provide more responses as I just discovered the site.

  22. Hi. I am having trouble with dimensions. I am using autocad 15, but my dimensions are not coming in numbers with arrowheads on the drawpage. Command line is giving the dimension. What shall I do?

  23. Hi Mr. Jaiprakash
    The material is very well presented. Thanks.
    I have a question regarding animated video presentation. Can I attach an object to the camera to simulate the movement of a sensor on the object?. I am using AutoCAD 2016.

  24. hi sir . i have a doubt. i am using autocad 2017 student version and in line command i am giving the coordinates. its fine till then but the next coordinates is not accepted. rather autocad is taking the next input in command line as the polar length of the line. how to input second cartesian coordinate of line?

  25. Hello,

    I’m Kunal Sharma ( once contacted through youtube video of diamond knuling). I watched all the video and i appericiate your effort. Great video and fully detailed.

    After these video i want to learn about final Production drawing ( I means from the concept how i can i get the final drawing or files which can be go to manufacturer). So that this learning gets valuable.

    If there is any video which can describe about the final output files and drawing (Also explained what are the aspects we see and how to create those with dimensions for the final output production file.

    I hope you get my points.

    Thank-you very much for the videos.

    Kind Regards,
    Kunal Sharma

    1. Hi Kunal,
      It is very difficult to create a generic course for all types of production or manufacturing drawings as they are industry specific and the contents change depending upon the product, standards, and industry. The AutoCAD courses can teach you about tools and commands of the software but it’s you who will make any real use of those tools to create the drawings and that can’t be taught in a course 🙂 I hope you get my point, in case of questions don’t hesitate to let me know.

      1. Hello,

        I understand your point, no problem.

        Right now i have an idea of the vehicle roof rack and i want to manufacture it. I’ve created and visualize it on other software (3DS Max). But now i need production drawing of that for manufacturer.

        I can Model that in AutoCad with Dimensions, but i dont know how to proceed to manufacturer. what views i should have for drawings or which file i need to export. How we create final Production Drawing. Thats the point.

        I can send you my idea, so you can better explain me. i hope that will be great learning process from start to end.

        Thanks & Regards,
        Kunal Sharma

  26. Hello sir,

    Do you have any tutorial about annotation mode used in AutoCAD ? How it can be used in scaling and etc. If no, could you make one please?


    1. Type LI for list command and press enter then select the polyline from drawing area and press enter. A list of all properties related to polyline will appear in a list above command line which includes the length of the polyline. Similar method can be used for other geometries as well.

  27. My question is that,
    How can I change scale of unit in all dimensions in one time, but not individual?
    I apply Dimscale command for increase to unit’s visibility, but i didn’t change in previous dimensions. Please, describe the solution.

    1. You obviously need to modify scale individually in the dimension style to change your previous dimensions. You can however change overall scale of every dimension style from Fit tab of dimension style manager by modifying overall scale field.

  28. Hi,

    It’s been long time, haven’t use Autocad. now I have installed Autocad 2017 student version, and the silly challenge I am facing to draw line in point value, for example to draw line 0,7 or 0,5 or 0,2 or 0,8 etc.
    I have checked & made changes in grid but still can’t draw it, it’s going with 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, etc value. please suggest.
    not sure where I am doing wrong !

    1. the lines or other geometries will be made according to your input but if your precision is not properly set then the result may appear in whole numbers as you are mentioning here. Make sure precision is set to 0.00 and not 0. You can change precision from units window by using command UN.

      1. Hi again and thanks for your reply, as you mentioned I did it but no result. The problem I am facing here , when I select line command then specifying 1st point and give input next point or length of line example 10,5mm, but it accepting 10 as a line length and 5 as a degree of line. Means when I click in keyboard for point or comma it’s not accepting. Hope you understand what I mean !

        1. Hi, Just searched in google and somehow got the solution “dynmode” could you please explain it ! will be great help.


  29. Dear Mr. Pandey,

    i found your site, so i have two small questions about a 3D drawing in autocad?
    I have draw a curved pipe and cut the front. So i want to make a ring in the front of the cutted curve?

    Its really different to explain now.

    The questions is, can you show me in a small video how to created a ring among a line?
    So if is possible, i can send your the drawing? If you contact me by mail?

    best wishes

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