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Get access to closed Facebook group of likeminded peers. Learn new things, share ideas or just strike a conversation

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What you get in this peer group

This closed group is for real conversation related to AutoCAD, Fusion 360 or any other CAD software you are learning including but not limited to sharing ideas, asking and answering questions, sharing feedback and sharing course progress.

The group will keep you motivated and informed. Unlike public groups that tend to get spammy and whatnot, conversations in this group will be only focused on what you really need to know.

Once subscribed to the monthly subscription you will be provided access to this group and even after you have cancelled your subscription your group access will remain active forever.

So once in, you will keep getting the benefits of a friendly peer group forever.

Group Features

Get this Peer group access as part of your SourceCAD subscription along with all courses and live monthly coaching

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