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Learn AutoCAD, Solidworks and Fusion 360 with video courses from Jaiprakash Pandey

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AutoCAD Courses

AutoCAD Certification exam

6 Hour 21 Minutes

Course Details

AutoCAD Beginners Course

9 Hour 47 Minutes

Course Details

AutoCAD 3D for beginners

5 Hour 36 Minutes

Course Details

Dynamic Blocks in AutoCAD

1 Hour 33 Minutes

Course Details

All about AutoCAD Sheet Sets

1 Hour 4 Minutes

Course Details

Printing and Plotting in AutoCAD course

2 Hour 40 Minutes

Course Details

Making 3D photorealistic house in AutoCAD 

2 Hour 46 Minutes

Course Details

60 AutoCAD 2D and 3D practice projects

7 Hour 06 Minutes

Course Details

Customization and Parametric tools in AutoCAD

2 Hour 19 Minutes

Course Details

Making 2D house plan in AutoCAD

2 Hour 59 Minutes

Course Details

Fusion 360 Courses

Fusion 360 Beginners

7 Hour 32 Minutes

Course Details

Assemblies in Fusion 360

1 Hour 11 Minutes

Course Details

Drawing in Fusion 360

1 Hour 52 Minutes

Course Details

Animation in Fusion 360

1 Hour 24 Minutes

Course Details

Rendering in Fusion 360

1 Hour 33 Minutes

Course Details

Practice drawings in Fusion 360

1 Hour 18 Minutes

Course Details

Solidworks Courses

Solidworks Beginners Course

11 Hour 42 Minutes

Course Details

Assemblies in Solidworks

0 Hour 00 Minutes

Coming Soon

Drawing in Solidworks

0 Hour 00 Minutes

Coming Soon

Rendering in Solidworks

0 Hour 00 Minutes

Coming Soon

Frequently Asked Questions

How long do I have to pay the monthly fee?2021-06-06T16:27:38+05:30

You can continue the subscription however long you want and you can cancel at any time. If you cancel your subscription before it expires you will continue to get access for the remaining period of subscription.

Can I cancel the subscription anytime?2021-06-06T16:24:29+05:30

Yes, you can cancel the subscription anytime you want, once cancelled your card won’t be charged anymore and you will still have access to the remaining subscription period.

If I enroll can I get software as well?2021-06-06T16:32:08+05:30

No, we don’t provide software but you can get a free trial copy of the software or education license from the vendor if you are eligible. We will provide relevant URL for accessing trial, student or other software types inside the courses.

Can I ask for a refund?2021-06-06T19:38:07+05:30

Sure you can, if we fail to meet your expectation we will give you a 100% refund no questions asked, check the refund policy here.

How do I know which course to start?2021-06-06T16:14:40+05:30

We have created a learning path for every software skill and once you enrol you will be able to walk through the most recommended courses in proper order.

What are the type of contents available?2021-06-06T16:09:22+05:30

Most of the content on SourceCAD are pre-recorded video courses that you can watch at your own pace. We also have quizzes available with every course and some PDF eBooks.

Can I ask subject matter questions from the instructor?2021-06-06T13:45:23+05:30

You can ask your subject matter related question in the Q&A forum and the instructor will answer these questions for you.

Can I download the course videos?2021-06-06T20:12:17+05:30

No, our videos are stream only and you can watch the videos on our website or mobile app but the download is not allowed. You can however download a few PDF eBooks available in our library and the course lesson files which are required for the training.

Where can I get support?2021-06-06T20:15:30+05:30

You can reach out to us on our support page here or you can also send us an email at [email protected]

Do you offer discounts for schools?2021-06-18T20:45:35+05:30

Yes, we offer discounts on monthly as well as on annual subscription for Schools and Instructors. Share us your requirement here to get started.

Can I try a demo of SourceCAD for my team?2021-06-18T20:58:09+05:30

Sure you can, just share your requirements here and we will get back to you with your demo account details.

Can I share my SourceCAD account with someone else?2021-06-18T21:01:30+05:30

No, every subscription is meant for one user only. We offer a bulk subscription option with a Team or School account.

Will I get access to mock certification exams during free trial?2021-10-13T02:34:07+05:30

You will get access to certification exam preparation courses during the free trial but the mock exams are available only after the free trial period is over. To get access to mock exams as well skip the free trial and enrol in the monthly subscription or annual plan.

What students are saying?

I have found the SourceCAD website to be a highly valuable resource in my continuing study of CAD. As an educator myself, I have taken other CAD courses both online and in-person, but I find Jaiprakash tops them all.

Dave Dalgliesh, D3 Design & Innovation

“I wish to thank you for all your support for preparing me for the ACP exams. I got through the exams yesterday with a score of 828. If it was not for your online tutorial in AutoCAD, this would have not been possible. I will definitely recommend you to my ATC in London and also to all my colleagues. So many thanks! and I will always remember you when I sit on my computer and work on AutoCAD.”

Adrian E.Pereira, SourceCAD Student

“Courses I had completed are very comprehensive covering everything that I need to get started using AutoCAD. This course not only provides video lessons but also downloadable working files and an easy interface where you can track your progress. The course will give you the knowledge you need to be more productive with the software immediately and the lessons are well-guided teaching you AutoCAD using a workflow from creating the drawing, to editing, and finally printing for final output.”

Hesham Tawfeek, SourceCAD Student

I don’t use AutoCAD in a professional manner, but I’ve been able to draw two complete houses using the software (Mine and my friend’s). Without the learning from the courses, I would not have been able to complete these tasks. It’s fun and easy, I particularly like that the lessons are short and can be done quickly. I highly recommend these courses as a great way to learn AutoCAD!”

Heinz Neutzner, PMP, CDP

I used SourceCAD as a supplementary practice to my AutoCAD college course, but I found it to be a much better way for me to learn. The videos are clear and methodical, and I was able to practice on my own schedule. I found it to be very fun and efficient. After four months of intensive practice, I took and passed the AutoCAD Certified Professional exam. I would highly recommend SourceCAD to anyone who is interested in learning AutoCAD.”

Sharon Anne Clark, SourceCAD Student

“SourceCAD courses are thorough and ordered logically. He is easy to follow along and gives plenty of practice work to help you learn by doing what he has just gone over.”

Aaron Hooks, SourceCAD Student

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