Customization and collaboration in AutoCAD

Learn everything about customizing AutoCAD and collaborating with others on your project

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What’s in the course

In this course, you will learn all about customizing AutoCAD software as well as its objects like linetypes and hatches. We will not only learn about customization but also about using AutoCAD tools to share our drawing with collaborators and work on projects in shared environment using A360.

This course is made for intermediate to advance level AutoCAD user. You should have basic knowledge of AutoCAD before taking up this course. You can use AutoCAD 2016 or any other later versions for this course.

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Table of Contents

Introduction to the course

  1. DWG Compare tool (6:40)
  2. Improved DWG compare tool (9:56)
  3. Making a custom AutoCAD panel (4:44)
  4. Layer translator tool (3:58)
  5. Action recorder tool (3:45)
  6. Making a custom linetype with text, symbol and shape (13:16)
  7. Modifying lin and shape file of linetype (15:10)
  8. Customization tools quiz
  1. Autodesk design review tool (11:18)
  2. Shared View Tool (11:48)
  3. Collaboration tools quiz

Course Features

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