Drawing and Drafting in Fusion 360

Learn everything about making 2D drawings from parts and assemblies in Fusion 360

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What’s in the course

You can’t simply use a 3D drawing for manufacturing, you need to use its 2D projections with proper dimensions to convey the design intent and instructions for manufacturing, unless of course, you are planning to 3D print the part.

This course will teach you everything about converting 3D parts and assemblies into 2D drawings with proper dimensions for manufacturing. The course is project-based where we will use real parts and assemblies to learn about drawing in Fusion 360.

Though this course assumes that you know the basics of making simple parts in Fusion 360 but still if you are completely new to Fusion 360 you can still use this course and follow along without any issues. This course, as well as its lesson files, are compatible with windows as well as Mac.

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Table of Contents

Introduction to the course

  1. Making drawing from component (7:44)
  2. Changing angle of projection (7:06)
  3. Adding Geometries in drawing (4:45)
  4. Adding Dimensions (11:15)
  5. Modifying Dimensions (5:45)
  6. Adding text and symbols (10:12)
  7. Adding Section and Detail view (4:49)
  8. Making exploded view (6:55)
  9. Creating exploded drawing view (7:15)
  10. Making different assembly views (7:37)
  11. Quiz
  1. Creating simple Drawing Template (10:53)
  2. Making title block (10:26)
  3. Creating smart templates (11:29)
  4. Generating output and printing drawing (7:23)
  5. Quizzes

Final notes and additional resources

Course Features

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