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1. what will you use on the command line to make a line with length 8 units at an angle of 60 degrees with respect to positive direction of X axis, assuming you use line command and the first point of line is not at origin.
2. What is the name of status bar icon encircled in red?
3. Which option of the status bar will activate the Tooltip as shown on the cursor?
4. State True or False: You can change polar tracking angle to any angle of your choice.
5. What will you enter on the command line to make a rectangle using RECTANGLE tool with length 6 units (along X axis) and width 4 units (along Y axis), the rectangle is not starting at origin point.
6. To fill closed area with a single color which hatch pattern will you use?
7. Which function key enables object snap in AutoCAD?
8. Which factor of hatch command you will change to correct the spacing between hatch lines or pattern?
9. Which object snap tool was added in AutoCAD 2016 version?
10. To toggle between different fields of dynamic input which key can be used?
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