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1. To create Fillet or Chamfer on all connected edges of a 3D solid which subcommand is used?
2. State True or False: Using Move Face command a groove can be moved to a different point on the 3D solid.
3. Which one of the following is not a Boolean operation in AutoCAD 3D
4. To make a geometry on a surface other than on XY plane which status bar tool can be used?
5. If an array is made as associative then which of the following statement is false?
6. To extract the common region between two interfering solids which Boolean operation can be used?
7. When applying 3D fillet the grip shown in image appears, what can be done with it?
8. Which subcommand of extrude can be used to make this solid?
9. Which coordinate option can be used to reset the orientation of UCS to its default?
10. Which of the following tool cannot be used to make 2D views from 3D drawing
Editing and visualizing solids
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