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These are some of the frequently asked questions on SourceCAD. Check this FAQ to see if it answers your question if your question is not listed here then you can reach us on the support page.

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Will I get access to mock certification exams during free trial?2021-10-13T02:34:07+05:30

You will get access to certification exam preparation courses during the free trial but the mock exams are available only after the free trial period is over. To get access to mock exams as well skip the free trial and enrol in the monthly subscription or annual plan.

Will I get a certificate after finishing the training?2021-08-05T23:16:51+05:30

Yes after finishing the training you will get a certificate of completion from SourceCAD signed by the instructor.

Where can I ask more questions?2021-08-05T23:12:07+05:30

You can ask your questions on our support page here, we will get back to you with answers as soon as possible.

Can I get a refund if I am not satisfied?2021-08-05T23:07:54+05:30

Sure, if you are not satisfied with the training we will give you a complete refund. All you need to do is just let us know after the first day of the training and we will give you a 100% refund.

Can I get recording of the training session?2021-08-05T23:06:18+05:30

Sure, the session reacording will be available in your account on the last day of the training.

Can I ask questions in the session?2021-08-05T23:04:16+05:30

Sure you can, you can ask as many subject matter questions as you like during the training session.

How the training is delivered?2021-08-05T23:00:55+05:30

The live training is delivered via Google Meet and you don’t need to download or install anything to access it, you can use Chrome browser to directly access the training.

What are author responsibilities after submitting course?2021-06-27T16:33:59+05:30

After your course is submitted and published on our platform you will be required to answer questions from students in the Q&A forum. You can also write articles that are related to the tools and software you are teaching and these articles will be compensated separately.

How long does it takes to create a video course?2021-06-27T16:04:52+05:30

It takes about 4 weeks to create a video course of 5-6 hour content duration but this duration largely depends on your availability and how many hours you can dedicate to course production.

What qualification do I need for becoming a course author?2021-06-27T15:59:26+05:30

We are looking for authors who are expert in their relevant industry and have good knowledge of software and tools which they want to teach.

How are authors compensated?2021-06-27T15:55:53+05:30

Authors are compensated for every course they make. We pay the course authoring fee the first time course is published and then we pay authors every month based on the viewership the course generated in a month.

I have never created video courses before, what support I can get?2021-06-27T15:13:53+05:30

We will help you with all the technical and non-technical support like screen recording software help, setting up the microphone, desktop, PowerPoint templates and more. We will also help you with purchasing the right software and hardware for course recording and we will compensate you for these expenses too.

What are the type of content I need to make?2021-06-27T15:08:40+05:30

You need to primarily make video courses with the screen recording of the software and voiceover. You also need to make practice assessment questions and quizzes in MCQ format. You may need to write text articles as well on a “need to have” basis.

Can I share my SourceCAD account with someone else?2021-06-18T21:01:30+05:30

No, every subscription is meant for one user only. We offer a bulk subscription option with a Team or School account.

Can I try a demo of SourceCAD for my team?2021-06-18T20:58:09+05:30

Sure you can, just share your requirements here and we will get back to you with your demo account details.

Do you offer discounts for schools?2021-06-18T20:45:35+05:30

Yes, we offer discounts on monthly as well as on annual subscription for Schools and Instructors. Share us your requirement here to get started.

Who manages SourceCAD?2021-06-18T19:58:51+05:30

SourceCAD is managed primarily by Jaiprakash Pandey and his small team from Jamshedpur, Jharkhand a small town in the eastern part of India.

How old is SourceCAD?2021-06-18T19:59:23+05:30

SourceCAD first started in April 2014 with one YouTube video on its official channel and then later a Blogger website. From there it soon became a self-hosted WordPress website in late 2014 and has been in the CAD eLearning space since then.

How safe are payments on SourceCAD?2021-06-29T02:15:04+05:30

We handle payment on SourceCAD using our learning management system provider Teachable. They use Stripe and PayPal for handling payments and no payment data is stored by us. All the data entered on SourceCAD pages are encrypted with 128 bit SSL too.

What platform you use for SourceCAD?2021-06-18T19:46:50+05:30

For SourceCAD I use WordPress and Teachable for learning management system apart from that I use Circle for the Q&A forum. I also use other services like Mailerlite for sending subscriber emails, Google workspace for email management and Google cloud hosting via Siteground.

Where can I get support?2021-06-06T20:15:30+05:30

You can reach out to us on our support page here or you can also send us an email at [email protected]

Can I download the course videos?2021-06-06T20:12:17+05:30

No, our videos are stream only and you can watch the videos on our website or mobile app but the download is not allowed. You can however download a few PDF eBooks available in our library and the course lesson files which are required for the training.

Can I ask subject matter questions from the instructor?2021-06-06T13:45:23+05:30

You can ask your subject matter related question in the Q&A forum and the instructor will answer these questions for you.

What are the type of contents available?2021-06-06T16:09:22+05:30

Most of the content on SourceCAD are pre-recorded video courses that you can watch at your own pace. We also have quizzes available with every course and some PDF eBooks.

How do I know which course to start?2021-06-06T16:14:40+05:30

We have created a learning path for every software skill and once you enrol you will be able to walk through the most recommended courses in proper order.

Can I ask for a refund?2021-06-06T19:38:07+05:30

Sure you can, if we fail to meet your expectation we will give you a 100% refund no questions asked, check the refund policy here.

If I enroll can I get software as well?2021-06-06T16:32:08+05:30

No, we don’t provide software but you can get a free trial copy of the software or education license from the vendor if you are eligible. We will provide relevant URL for accessing trial, student or other software types inside the courses.

Can I cancel the subscription anytime?2021-06-06T16:24:29+05:30

Yes, you can cancel the subscription anytime you want, once cancelled your card won’t be charged anymore and you will still have access to the remaining subscription period.

How long do I have to pay the monthly fee?2021-06-06T16:27:38+05:30

You can continue the subscription however long you want and you can cancel at any time. If you cancel your subscription before it expires you will continue to get access for the remaining period of subscription.

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