I am Jaiprakash Pandey and I teach AutoCAD, Fusion 360 and Solidworks

I finished my Diploma from shree ram mulkh of technical college, Haryana, India and then started working with a manufacturing company.

It was basically a die casting manufacturing plant which specialized in Zinc and aluminium die-casted products.

Then I transitioned to design consulting firm and later to the training industry where I found my calling and I have been a trainer since then.

The first video

On April 10, 2014 I uploaded my first AutoCAD Tutorial video on my YouTube channel and that marked the beginning of SourceCAD, if you are curious here is the video (it’s really terrible but still live on YouTube!).

First look of SourceCAD

When I first launched SourceCAD it was a simple website with funny colors, terrible logo and simple content. Here is a snapshot of SourceCAD from 2014.

After videos, I started writing AutoCAD articles and gradually started improving my content quality. Finally, after 6+ years here I am with nearly 150 YouTube videos, 20+ video courses with 500+ video lectures, approximately 100 articles and a book by Packt publication.

During this time I have also worked with several companies that included design consulting firms, manufacturing and training industry. I now work only for SourceCAD (and occasionally for other clients too) and my work mostly involves delivering training to corporate clients. I have delivered training to clients like fortune 500 companies, government organisation and military.

The courses and other content you see on SourceCAD are the results of years of experience delivering training and understanding needs of students. I don’t believe in keeping everything behind a paywall and hence many of my courses are free and some are even open where you don’t even need to signup.

But I do have some courses and services behind a paywall which you can check if want to get the most out of SourceCAD.

My Publications

I have co-authored Learn AutoCAD book by packt publication which you can see on Amazon here along with all my other books.

If you have question, feedback, suggestion or if you just want to say hi then send me a message on admin@thesourcecad.com.

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