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SourceCAD is an AutoCAD blog by Jaiprakash Pandey, watch this short video to know all about SourceCAD.


With SourceCAD I have tried to bring free AutoCAD Tutorial, Tips, Quizzes and Courses on a single platform. I started this blog back in early 2014 to make a collection of tips and tricks that I find useful about AutoCAD but it has grown significantly from there.

All content on SourceCAD is completely free for use except some AutoCAD courses which are available for a very little cost. There are also many awesome articles shared by guest authors on SourceCAD you can see a list of all contributors here. You can also become a contributor on SourceCAD, If you are interested in sharing your own article or CAD video then start here.

About Jaiprakash Pandey
Jaiprakash Pandey

I am CAD Corporate Trainer specializing in AutoCAD, CATIA and Geometric dimensioning & Tolerancing. I have worked with Diecasting, engineering design consulting and training companies. Currently, I am working as an independent AutoCAD corporate trainer and I deliver training to corporates and individual clients via on-site and Live virtual classroom training.

I am Autodesk AutoCAD Certified Professional and an Autodesk expert elite member. I am a regular contributor to AUGI World magazine and I also develop AutoCAD video courses for Pluralsight, my own platform SourceCAD and other E-Learning businesses.


My AutoCAD related articles appeared on many CAD and Engineering related websites. I have also authored AutoCAD courses for Pluralsight and I create video courses for SourceCAD users as well.

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  1. Hi Prakash, how are you doing, can you Teaching domes and skylight it is coming on th roof by using aluminium frame and glass

  2. Am glad to visit your official website..if any possibles to rework the autocad 2017 designs through after effects …

  3. sir as you said you worked in a die casting industry where primary aim is to design the dies.i am doing a project in my college related to it i.e to design a bottle with new improved properties for that i designed a model in auto cad but i am not able to find a way to imprint or to make a die using that design.will you help me to find out where dies are manufactured,cost for making a die,and what are the issues related to it.Using mildsteel as the die material.

    1. Making a die is costly thing and it depends on size of component and material used. I would suggest you to get a quote from any local machine shop or find the related vendor using BtoB search engines like Indiamart or just dial (I am assuming you are from India).

  4. Sir your channel is awesome… English in videos is crisp and clear…. Sir could you please put videos on attributes, attribute edit, enhanced attribute edit, BATTMAN

  5. Bula Vinaka

    How can i get a autodesk certificate in autocad . i have done autocad 2D 3D and would like to get a certification certificate from Autocad how do i go about doing this


  6. Slam Sir,
    I talk in urdu Mera ap sai 1 Sawal hai k mai nai CAD2013 Installed kia us mai kuch commonds ki short ki kam nahi karrahi e.g Fillet ki short ki F kam nahi kar raha & Rectangle our Offset ki Short ki Kam nai kar Rahi Please is ka koi tariqa bataien kai yeh short key kesay kam karay gi.

  7. thanks!it’s working!I installed autocad 2010 64bit in to my laptop.but quick access bar and search bar invisible.how I solve this?my os is windows 10.

  8. I am learning AutoCAD Architecture 2016 and am looking for “Workspace 3D Modeling”. I believe it is in version 2015, along with 2D Drafting, 3D basics Workspaces. When I click the Workspace Switching icon in the lower status bar, there is only one Workspace titled “Architecture”. Is AutoCAD Architecture 2016 a 3D Workspace in “Architecture” Workspace, similar to Revit, and 3D Workspace is not needed, and no longer available? A change from 2015 to 2016?

  9. how do you create these videos? i want to start something like this? i dont know how to create this kind of tutorials

    1. It’s very simple brother.

      1: Create a YoutTube channel
      2: Use “Camtasia Screen Recorder” to record your desktop and edit video.

      That’s It!!

      (Never connect your YouTube Channel with any YouTube network)

  10. I am newer of those book autoCAD drawing 3D and 2D is there any book have CD player into the computer inside the book for seen in amazon book sale person those autoCAD drawing 3D and 2D? I am newer of those autoCAD drawing 3D and 2D I am good drawing art with pencil rule of the measurement of drawing I am newer use computer to drawing autoCAD drawing 3D and 2D I seen bookstore in amazon I am not sure of those have CD player into the book for seen book autoCAD drawing 3D and 2D bookstore …………

  11. I am girish panchal from mumbai in india retired cad programmer was teaching to all engineering students in polytechnic. I like to teach autocad, 3d studio and engg. drg. I have also developed self study cd for engg. drg. help me to teach these subjects on line.

  12. I am so happy that i discovered your website. It is one of the best on learning autocad so far that i have seen. Thanks for your great work and please keep it going

  13. Hello Sir,
    Glad to watch the video of 3d conversion to 2d and also tried on my pc but enable to found Layout plugin on pull down menu on title bar
    kindly help me out of these
    can i personally contact to you, to learn more abt Autocad 3D

    Waiting for reply,

    With Thanks & Regards,

  14. Greate good morning sir, I am Shahajahan Shaikh from Pune. I am just start to teach students about AutoCAD. I have no path how to teach or and I also don’t have a good knowledge about AutoCAD. Can you help me

    1. LIMMAX and LIMMIN system variables are used to specify size of active drawing area with respect to world co-ordiante system, and this can be activated in model space only.

      Lets understand it in this way, when you type LIMMIN and press enter AutoCAD will prompt you to enter value of lower left corner of drawing area which by default is set to (0,0) then type LIMMAX and set the value for top right corner of drawing area which by default is set to (12,9) for acad.dwt template. Now type Z and press enter then type A and press enter again.

      This will set your drawing area to a length of 12 units across X axis and 9 units across Y axis and you can use these limits of size for making your drawing (the value along X axis may vary depending upon aspect ratio of your monitor).

      If you have a large drawing lets say with maximum dimensions of 100 units then you would definitely like to set value for LIMMAX and LIMMIN greater than 100 units to accommodate everything inside limits of drawing.

      But this setting has little significance as you can always bring things into perspective by using Zoom tool.

  15. Hi Jaiprakash,
    You have been doing a good job for the society to learn AutoCAD freely. In this web portal will definitely help the people who cannot afford to pay Cad centres fees in India as well as abroad. Your materials are very excellent and teaching the students with visual.
    Awesome job jai.

    Thanks with regards,

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