Making a 3D photo-realistic house in AutoCAD

Create Photo-realistic interior, exterior and 2D plans of a 3D house from scratch in AutoCAD with this project based course

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What’s in the course

The best way to learn AutoCAD is by doing the actual stuff for which the software is designed and learning the tools and commands in the process, this course is designed just like that. In this course the 3D interior of house is designed right from scratch with all the details and then final rendering is created.

In this course not only the interiors are created but also the exterior of the 3D house is modelled and a 2D plan is created with annotations using the 3D house.

Autodesk added a whole bunch of new rendering tools and improved the rendering environment considerably in 2016 version of AutoCAD. All those changes effected how rendering is made in AutoCAD and this course addresses those changes as well.

This course is for an intermediate level AutoCAD user who has a basic knowledge of 2D as well as 3D drawing tools. For this course, you need AutoCAD 2016 or any later versions.

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Table of Contents

  1. Introduction (1:13)
  1. Preparing the drawing template (4:12)
  2. Making outer and inner wall outline (5:54)
  3. Making grooves for door and curtain wall (9:31)
  4. Making Floor, Roof and First Floor (4:56)
  5. Adding Door and Curtain Wall (5:02)
  6. Adding 3D blocks in the drawing (9:42)
  7. Inserting ceiling light fixture (4:20)
  8. Adding Layers and putting objects on them (9:48)
  1. Applying materials to 3D Solids (8:07)
  2. Adding material with opacity map and texture map (7:56)
  3. Customizing material properties (2:46)
  4. Creating views with camera (6:25)
  5. Adding interior lights and making quick rendering (4:59)
  6. Adding Sun, Geolocation, Date and Time (6:34)
  7. Adding Environment presets (6:02)
  8. Creating and saving renderings as image file (6:26)
  9. Making animated video for presentation (8:03)
  1. Making 2D views from 3D drawing (2:54)
  2. Adding Blocks in the plan view (3:37)
  3. Adding dimensions in the drawing (2:24)
  4. Page setup and adding title block (5:15)
  5. Creating Viewport and adding scales (10:08)
  6. Plotting and publishing the drawing views (8:47)
  1.  Final Notes and additional resources (1:30)

Course Features

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