Making a house plan from scratch

Learn to make a house plan with detail plan, section and elevations from scratch in AutoCAD with this free course

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What’s in the course

This course is made with a “learn by practise” approach. This course starts with a completely blank template and gradually you will learn to set proper units, make floor plan, add dimensioning then elevations and section views.

The course is best suited for users who want to practice the AutoCAD skills on a real-life project. So by the end of this course you will end up with a plan view of a two bedroom house with its section and elevation drawings.

If you are totally new to AutoCAD or if you already have a little bit of experience with it and you want to text your skills and practice with a practical drawing then this course is for you.

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Table of Contents

  1.  Introduction to the course (1:57)
  2. Making the outer and inner walls (11:21)
  3. Adding Door, Window and other Blocks (13:13)
  4. Adding Wall Thickness and Text (3:57)
  5. Adding Dimensions and other Annotations (4:54)
  1.  Adding Front Elevation (19:16)
  2. Finishing Front Elevation (15:46)
  3. Starting East elevation (12:02)
  4. Finishing East elevation (6:49)
  1. Starting front section (9:53)
  2. Adding details (12:45)
  3. Finishing the section view (6:21)
  1.  Final notes (0:58)

Course Features

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