In AutoCAD this tool offers an efficient method of copying properties of one object to another with complete control over properties copied.

Let’s assume that we have an object with particular set of properties like lineweight, linetype, layer and transparency assigned to it and we want to transfer exact properties of that object to another object in same or different drawing then we can directly use this tool instead of assigning individual properties to the destination object.

How to access this command:

You can start match properties command by using its command equivalent MA. You can also place this command on quick access toolbar for easy access if you use it frequently. To place it on quick access toolbar click on the arrow on far right of the toolbar and select Match properties from drop down menu. The match properties icon will appear on Quick access toolbar.

Quick access toolbar of AutoCAD

Transferring properties:

In order to copy properties type MA on the command line and press enter, now your cursor will change into a Pickbox and command line will prompt you to select source object from which properties will be copied. Click on object from drawing area then click on destination object on which you want to transfer those properties. You can select multiple objects for pasting properties as well.

In order to transfer properties between different drawings open both source and destination drawings. Type MA press enter then select object from source drawing to copy properties then go to drawing in which you want to paste properties, you will notice that match properties command is still active in the second drawing. Now click on object(s) on which you want to transfer properties.

Deciding which property to copy:

You can also decide which property to copy using match properties command. For changing settings of match properties command type MA on command line press enter then select any object from your drawing area. You will notice this prompt on command line.

Property settings on command line

Select Settings from command line, property settings window as shown below will pop up.

Property settings

From this property settings window mark check boxes for the properties which you want to transfer and uncheck all other check boxes. When you have made your selection click on OK to close this window and continue match properties command.

A similar command “Add Selected”:

Add selected in autocad

With Add selected option you can create an object in drawing like polyline, circle, dimension, Block etc with the properties of an existing object from the drawing.

For example, If you have a dimension in the drawing which is not on current layer and has a particular dimension style then you can directly select this option to create a new dimension copying exactly same properties of layer and dimension style.

To use this tool select an object which you want to make then right click in the drawing area and choose add selected from the contextual menu.

The respective command will activate allowing you to make that object. You will notice that your new drawing object inherits all its properties from its source object.

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