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Practice your Fusion 360 skills on real life parts in this Fusion 360 projects course

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What’s in the course

This course is made for users who know the basics of 3D modeling in Fusion 360 and wants to practice their skill on real-life drawings and projects. The course currently contains six practice projects from 3D modeling and surfacing workspaces but more projects will be added in the course soon.

This course is for an intermediate-level user who is familiar with basic 3D and surface modeling tools of Fusion 360. The student should take this course to further enhance their 3D modling skills. The course is compatible for windows as well as Mac users.

Free Preview Videos from the course

Table of Contents

An introduction to the course

  1. Simple Part Modeling (12:13)
  2. Making a 3D spanner (23:07)
  3. Making a Pipe joint (14:49)
  4. Making Spur Gear (20:51)
  5. M12 Nut and Bolt (13:44)
  6. Sample part with two planes (17:22)
  1. Making 3D Bottle (32:06)

Final notes and additional resources

Course Features

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