Rendering in Fusion 360

Learn to make 3D photorealistic renderings in Fusion 360 using local and cloud rendering tools

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What’s in the course

Fusion 360 has a powerful rendering engine and you can use it to create photorealistic renderings of your 3D models. In this project-based course, I have used a classical camera as a project to explain everything about rendering in Fusion 360.

In this course, you will learn about all the three methods of rendering 3D objects i.e Local rendering, In canvas rendering and cloud rendering. You will also learn to customize the existing materials and create your own texture using custom images and bump maps.

You will also learn to make animated turntable rendering and post-processing of the rendered image in Fusion cloud.

This course is for an intermediate level of user who has basic understanding of 3D modelling tools in Fusion 360.

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Table of Contents

Introduction and lesson files
1. Overview of rendering workspace
2. Physical material and appearance
3. Applying basic materials
4. Applying advance materials
5. Setting the scene
6. Adding decals
7. Local rendering
8. Cloud rendering and turntable animation
9. Texture map control
10. Creating and modifying basic materials
11. Creating advance materials
1. Practice project
2. Quiz

Course Features

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