The search feature of design center can be used to search drawing and its components like block, layer, linetype and dimension style. This search tool can help you in locating drawings even if you don’t know its location or name simply by knowing its components name.

let’s take an example where we need to find a block named bent_pipe but we don’t know the drawing which has this block.

We can use the design center search feature to make this task easier and quick. Type CTRL+2 on keyboard and press enter alternatively you can also use its command equivalent ADCENTER. Once design center window appears, click on search on top of the design center window as shown in the image below.

Search Objects like Blocks and Layers within AutoCAD drawings

In the search window on the top left side, you will see “Look for” drop-down menu. Select component of drawing which you want to search. In this case, we want to search for bent_pipe block so select blocks from the drop down menu.

Now browse to the folder or local/network drive where you believe drawing containing block under consideration is placed. Try to be as specific as possible in selecting the drive or folder to speed up the search.The time taken by this search to return the results will directly depend upon the number of drawing in the folder. More drawing will force it to crawl more resulting in delays.

Click on search subfolders radio button also if you believe that drawing could be in any of the subfolders of the designated drive or folder.

Type name of the object in Search field. In this case, we will enter bent_pipe as the name of the block and click on Search Now button. Your result will appear on the lower panel of search window with the path of drawing as shown in the image below.

Search objects within AutoCAD drawings

You can also use popular wildcard characters in the search field of the design center. As an example, if you want to find all blocks with name Door as the prefix then you can use Door* in the search field.

You can directly use this block by double-clicking on it or by selecting Insert Block from right-click contextual menu.

In a similar way, you can locate other components of a drawing using the search feature of the design center. If a drawing contains hundreds of layers, blocks or other components then you can use this tool to make a search within a drawing as well.

You can use this tool to scan complete directories or drive also but as mentioned earlier, this search may take some time to complete so try to narrow down to the folder level to make a faster search.

Do you have questions related to this tip? Let me know in the comments below.

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