AutoCAD Sheet Set Course

Learn to make your own sheet sets with exisiting set of drawings in AutoCAD with this project based course

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What’s in the course

This course is a project-based course where you will learn to use existing set of drawings to create a sheet set from scratch. We will not only make the sheet set but also we will make all the assets like Label and callout blocks required for the sheet set and use those assets in the project.

This course is a comprehensive all in one Sheet set course where everything about sheet set is taught from scratch. So, even if you don’t know anything about sheet set you can use this course to get up and running with sheet set in no time.

This course is made for an advanced user who knows the basics of making blocks, working with layers and simple draw & modify tools. You can use AutoCAD 2013 or any later version for this course.

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Table of Contents

Introduction to the course

  1. Introduction to Sheet Set (3:56)
  2. Creating views in Model drawings (4:53)
  3. Making Title Block and Template (9:42)
  4. Making Label block (4:47)
  5. Making Callout block (6:57)
  6. Quiz
  1. Creating Sheet Set from scratch (4:51)
  2. Adding Sheet views (9:22)
  3. Adding Callout blocks (9:17)
  4. Publishing and eTransmiting Sheet set (7:15)
  5. Quiz

Final notes and additional sources

Course Features

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