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Some Frequently asked questions

What are author responsibilities after submitting course?2021-06-27T16:33:59+05:30

After your course is submitted and published on our platform you will be required to answer questions from students in the Q&A forum. You can also write articles that are related to the tools and software you are teaching and these articles will be compensated separately.

How long does it takes to create a video course?2021-06-27T16:04:52+05:30

It takes about 4 weeks to create a video course of 5-6 hour content duration but this duration largely depends on your availability and how many hours you can dedicate to course production.

What qualification do I need for becoming a course author?2021-06-27T15:59:26+05:30

We are looking for authors who are expert in their relevant industry and have good knowledge of software and tools which they want to teach.

How are authors compensated?2021-06-27T15:55:53+05:30

Authors are compensated for every course they make. We pay the course authoring fee the first time course is published and then we pay authors every month based on the viewership the course generated in a month.

I have never created video courses before, what support I can get?2021-06-27T15:13:53+05:30

We will help you with all the technical and non-technical support like screen recording software help, setting up the microphone, desktop, PowerPoint templates and more. We will also help you with purchasing the right software and hardware for course recording and we will compensate you for these expenses too.

What are the type of content I need to make?2021-06-27T15:08:40+05:30

You need to primarily make video courses with the screen recording of the software and voiceover. You also need to make practice assessment questions and quizzes in MCQ format. You may need to write text articles as well on a “need to have” basis.

How to get started?

Fill the form below and we will get back to you with more details. Make sure you share the YouTube URL of a demo video teaching any topic using screen sharing and your voiceover.

You can use the Camtasia Studion software trial version for screen recording and voice over.

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