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SourceCAD courses are thorough and ordered logically. I started a new career as a teacher later in life. Part of my responsibilities includes teaching AutoCAD. Being self-taught using another CAD program I needed help. I am very thankful to have found Jaiprakash and SourceCAD. His lessons helped organize and clarify concepts I had a very basic understanding of and teach me many many new concepts. He is easy to follow along and gives plenty of practice work to help you learn by doing what he has just gone over. Thanks, Jaiprakash.

Aaron Hooks

I have found the SourceCAD website to be highly valuable resource in my continuing study of CAD.  As an educator myself, I have taken other CAD courses both online and in person, but I find Jaiprakash tops them all.  His unique teaching style is straight forward and easy to understand.  I originally joined SourceCAD in order to learn how to draw a specific three-dimensional object in AutoCAD (NPT threads) and was very impressed with the course. Since then, I have also used SourceCAD in learning how to draw architectural plans and am very excited about the new Fusion 360 course!  If you are looking for comprehensive courses in CAD, I highly recommend SourceCAD!

Dave Dalgliesh, D3 Design & Innovation

I used SourceCAD as a supplementary practice to my AutoCAD college course, but I found it to be a much better way for me to learn. The videos are clear and methodical, and I was able to practice on my own schedule. I found it to be very fun and efficient. After four months of intensive practice I took and passed the AutoCAD Certified Professional exam. I would highly recommend SourceCAD to anyone who is interested in learning AutoCAD.

Sharon Anne Clark

I decided to enrol in the SourceCAD course by Jaiprakash Pandey because I was looking to return to my old career as a design engineer (aged 63). Having not touched AutoCAD in 25 years I was apprehensive, to say the least. I followed the course from beginning to end and not once did I feel out of my depth nor did I ever find anything beyond my reach. The course was well structured and presented. As I progressed through the course, so did my confidence and abilities. I was mildly disappointed when the course ended, but SourceCAD filled the gap with other tutorials. The first engineering job I applied for, I was offered – and I accepted. My confidence was high and I owe my thanks to Jaiprakash. 3D modelling and layout drawings became second nature once more. So- I would highly recommend this course ( I did put three work experience students and one apprentice through this course, just to get them up and running with AutoCAD.) Don’t fear the course – Own it!

Linda Blake-Dobell

I came across SourceCAD when I was preparing for my ACP. I went through all the AutoCAD courses carefully. When I had issues with my GMetrix practice test, I had a conference video call via Zoom directly with the instructor to help with some on my questions. I was only able to pass my ACP with the help of SourceCAD courses and instructor. I would strongly recommend sourceCAD to anybody who wants to learn AutoCAD.

Oluwaseun Fadiminiyi

The courses on SourceCAD follows a curriculum which is ordered in such a way that it increases a person’s prowess in using AutoCAD “unknowingly” to the person. All the person has to do is follow it judiciously, watch the videos, do the practise exercises and in no time the person becomes considerably good at using the software. The explanations are simple and clear, with no ambiguity. The tutor is not one who hides his skills but makes it available for whoever is serious to learn. “The only way you won’t learn from SourceCAD is if you really don’t want to learn”.

Williams Abodunrin

Mr. Pandey is an exceptional on-line instructor and it’s been my pleasure to take his various courses. I don’t use AutoCAD in a professional manner, but I’ve been able to draw two complete houses using the software (Mine and my friend’s). Without the learning from the courses, I would not have been able to complete these tasks. Whenever there is new material on Jaiprakash’s web site, I always go through it to see what else I can pick up. It’s fun and easy, I particularly like that the lessons are short and can be done quickly. I highly recommend these courses as a great way to learn AutoCAD!

Heinz Neutzner, PMP, CDP

I must admit that before I came across your website, I felt as though Auto CAD would always remain out of my reach. The courses which you provide are very comprehensive and easy to follow. Moreover, I was able to access and complete the course I completed from the comfort of my home without having to travel for full-day seminars in other cities. I particularly benefited from the basic 2D house plan course. The website was set up in such a way that it tracked my progress as I went through the lectures. This allowed me to pick up where I left off if I had to interrupt the lecture for any reason and I received a certificate upon completion of the course. I found the lectures to be well thought out and presented fitting the right amount of information into each session. The speed of the sessions was just right and each lecture was separated into an appropriate time slot which made it more manageable for me. My requirements of AutoCAD are quite basic but the material provided caters for advanced users and hi-tech engineering. I would highly recommend this website to anyone trying to become familiar with AutoCAD or even for those who are familiar with the software and wish to become more adept at using it.

Zalman Hanovitch

I am a clock and watchmaker specializes in antique and often I have to make parts that don’t exist anymore. SourceCAD helps me to learn CAD in my spare time and in a very simple manner. The way the modules are made I can absorb the information at a steady pace and the instructor give is pieces of information in such details you are not able to miss anything, The quality of the videos are superb and let no misunderstanding appear. I recommended to anyone who wants to learn AutoCAD in an easy way.

Roland Gosselin

I wish to thank you for all your support for preparing me for the ACP exams. I got through the exams yesterday with a score of 828. If it was not for your online tutorial in AutoCAD, this would have not been possible. I will definitely recommend you to my ATC in London and also to all my colleagues. So many thanks! and I will always remember you when I sit on my computer and work on AutoCAD.

Adrian E.Pereira

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