In AutoCAD you can find the area of closed geometries in many ways, the most obvious one is using AREA command. There are also some indirect ways of finding areas which are interesting and sometimes useful depending on the situation.

If you prefer video then here it is, else scroll down for the complete article.

In this article I will explain three different methods of finding areas with AutoCAD, I will use the geometry shown in the image below for explaining this tip.

AREA command:

In order to find the area of rectangle or circle from the image above type AREA on the command line and press enter. Now command line will show a prompt with many options as shown in the image below.

finding area in autocad (2)

Select Object from this prompt and click on the boundary of Rectangle or Circle for which you want to find the area. The area of the object will appear above command line along with its perimeter or circumference.

In a similar way, you can find the area of any closed Polyline geometry with AREA command. Watch this video for a detailed tutorial on Area command and other tools related to finding different geometrical properties of an object in AutoCAD.

Using hatch:

You can use hatch command also to find the area of enclosed geometries. In the example drawing shown above area B (indicated by blue color) is enclosed by circle and rectangle and you can make a hatch in that area and find the area of that region using area of the hatch.

How to find area in AutoCAD

Create a hatch in region B of sample drawing, you can use any hatch pattern for this. Now exit hatch command and select hatch created in area B then right click and select properties from the contextual menu.

A property palette will appear, scroll down in the palette and locate geometries panel there you will see Area of the hatch. This hatch area will also be the area of enclosed geometry.

Using JOIN command:

Let’s take the example of figure D from sample drawing shown above.

In this case, we have a geometry made up of Spline, Line and Arc. You can’t use AREA command on this geometry because we don’t have a single object here so I will use JOIN command for finding its area.

How to find area in AutoCAD

Type J on the command line and press enter now select complete geometry and press enter again, this will join complete geometry into a single unit.

Now select geometry then right-click and go to properties from the contextual menu, scroll down in this menu and here too you will the see area and total boundary length of the closed geometry.

Instead of using JOIN command you can also use REGION for combining geometries into a single unit and then find its area from properties palette.

Do you have any questions related to finding the area? let me know in comments below.

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